Our CDS/DS Series is the industry’s first non-metallic, curved-top disconnect switch. Its innovative design incorporates a curved profile that eliminates standing water, minimizing contaminant buildup in food applications. Rated for 30A and up to 25HP, the CDS Series satisfies most motor LO/TO requirements, achieves a watertight seal and meets UL Type 4X; 12, IP69K and NSF requirements. If your application doesn’t require a curved design, our DS Series incorporates many of the same features as CDS units, but its flat roof allows for top and bottom conduit.

Whether you work in food processing or operate a cleanroom, keeping your facility clean involves your electrical power equipment. That’s why we designed our SPEC Grade family of motor disconnects with a 15-degree slope to force liquid run-off.

April 16, 2020

During these challenging times, MENNEKES remains open to support all essential business operations. Our supply chain and assembly operations are intact, allowing us to ship products daily, and our crews stand ready to assist you with your maintenance needs and time-sensitive project work.

If you operate a cleanroom, you already know how important it is to minimize the surface area of your components—to keep contaminants at bay. But sometimes it’s easy to forget about your power equipment. MENNEKES has you covered.